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Nail Testing: Historical/Habitual Usage

  • Nail testing requires a sample size based on the free edge being the thickness of a quarter when it is turned on its side.

  • Nail testing goes back approximately 6 months depending on whether toenails or fingernails are used and the length of the nail clippings.

  • Clipping the nails gives you the full 6 month time frame- minus the last 10-14 days. It takes approximately 10-14 days for any drug use to get into a person's hair or nails. It has to work its way through the body and out into the hair shaft or nail bed.

  • Nail test pricing starts at $249

5 Panel Nail Testing:

Amphetamines (includes: Methamphetamines, MDA, MDMA & MDEA)


Opiates (includes: Morphine, Codeine, Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone, Heroin)


10 Panel Nail Testing:
Amphetamines (includes: Methamphetamines, MDA, MDMA & MDEA)


Opiates (includes: Morphine, Codeine, Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone, Heroin)


12-Panel (Tramadol, Meperidine)
14-Panel (Fentanyl, Sufentanil)
17-Panel (Ketamine, Buprenorphine, Zolpidem)
18-Panel (Kratom)
19-Panel (Gabapentin)

EtG - Alcohol 

High Potency Opiates

Nail Samples Show Wider History of Drug Use Than Urine

Nail samples provide an excellent alternative sample matrix to urine. Some drugs that do not bind well in hair, like marijuana, are very stable in a nail matrix. Toenails are available for post-mortem drug testing when other body fluids are no longer present. Other benefits include a gender-neutral sample collection process and a reduced risk of adulteration. ProResults offers 5- 10-, 12- 14-, 17-, 18-, and 19-drug panels for nail samples.

Nail samples are a similar matrix to hair, a keratinized protein, and therefore can be tested similarly. Drugs are incorporated into hair and nail samples at comparable levels. Drugs enter nails through nail matrix cells located at the base of each finger or toenail. Drugs are then distributed down the nail bed. Most people do not know that nails grow both in length and in thickness, with the free end of the nail being thicker than the lunula at the base of the nail. The nail grows in thickness by adding ventral layers.

Drugs present on the nail bed are incorporated into these layers.

Drugs of abuse are measurable in nail samples approximately two weeks following ingestion.

Fingernail samples can reflect drug usage over a six-month period.

Toenails, growing at a slower rate, can identify drug usage in the previous 12-month period. Collecting either sample will give a much longer view of drug history than urine, oral fluid or blood. Nail testing also boasts a less demanding collection process than urine or blood.

Our Nail Drug Testing assay requires 100 milligrams of nail sample. The amount is equal to a 2 millimeter sample harvested from each finger. When a sufficient sample volume has been collected, the sample is transferred onto the collection foil and folded for security. The completed chain of custody form and the sample are sealed into the specimen collection bag.

The laboratory test procedure includes an immunoassay initial test combined with

LC/ MS/MS or GC/MS confirmation of presumptive positive results.

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