Hair Testing:
For Historical/Habitual Usage

  • Drugs will stay in the hair shaft until it either grows out or is cut off.

  • Head hair needs to be cut, body hair does not.

  • Men and women go to a stylist or barber to get their head hair cut and maintained on a regular basis.

  • Body hair is constantly growing and falling out at different rates - within a 6-12 month period. That is why you do not have to get body hair cut or trimmed like head hair.

  • Hair testing requires approximately 120-200 head hairs (thickness of a sharpie), or for body hair - the size of a large cotton ball.

  • Hair testing can go back weeks, months or years depending on the hair, time frame selected, or the location in which the specimen was collected.

  • Head hair can be broken down, or segmented into different time frames - where body hair or nail testing cannot.

  • Head hair - every 1/2 inch equals approximately 1 month. Standard detection time for a head hair test is approximately 90 days - minus the last 10-14 days. It takes approximately 10-14 days for any drug use to get into a person's hair or nails. It has to work its way through the body and out into the hair shaft or nail bed.

  • The standard detection time on body hair is approximately 6-12 months.


5 Panel Hair & Nail Testing

10 Panel Hair & Nail Testing
Opiates (codeine/morphine)

Other testing options available:
7 Panel
9 Panel
12 Panel
14 Panel
15 Panel
16 Panel
17 Panel

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