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Qualitative Urine Tests with SAME-DAY Rapid Results click to learn more:

  • ​​6-Panel UA Test - $29

  • 10-Panel UA Test - $49

  • 12-Panel UA Test - $59

  • 13-Panel UA Test - $69 (12 panel + Fentanyl)

  • EtG Alcohol - $59 (No Tolerance / up to 80-Hour Detection)

Add the following to any above drug test:

-ETOH Alcohol +$10 (12-Hour Detection)

-EtG Alcohol +$30 (No Tolerance / up to 80-Hour Detection)


Quantitative Tests with Confirmation on Positives   click to learn more:

Please call or email us with further questions or more info on Drug/Alcohol Testing,

DNA Testing, or Background Checks

512-374-9977 ~

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ProResults Employee Drug Testing

Please fill out this form in full to have your Employee Tested.

Employee Information:

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Drug Testing Options, Choose ONE
Would you like to add Urine Alcohol Testing?
Do you have any special instructions or do yo need an alternate type of test?
Are you testing more than on employee with the SAME TEST?
Would you like to add a background check?

Thank you for your submission!

Drug testing Hours:

Monday - Friday

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM*

* If you chose a SAME-DAY Results test please have the employee in our office before 3:00 PM.  If they arrive after 3:00 PM you will receive the results the following business day by 12:00 pm/noon.


If you have any questions please Call our office 512-374-9977


We appreciate you choosing ProResults.

Payments are Due Upon Receipt of Services, Unless you have a Credit Card on File & have completed a Client Account Set up Form.

To request a Client Account for Business please Email:


The cost of workplace substance abuse affects companies’ bottom line to the tune of billions of dollars annually.

Yes, drug testing is a business expense, but one that can result in a positive return on investment (ROI) for employers.

Your business’s operations and reputation are built on certainty—knowing that your people can deliver on demanding projects and meet rigorous requirements.

ProResults provides comprehensive and flexible drug testing options designed to support employer drug-free workplace policies.


How many drug users are employed? 

At the end of 2020, the National Safety Council reported that 75% of people with a substance abuse disorder are employed. 

That equates to about 15% of the workforce.

How many use drugs at work? 

A survey of employees conducted by American Addiction Centers found that 22.5% of employees admit to using drugs or alcohol at work, with 14.7% of at-home workers and 3.3% of those who go to a workplace admitting to being “high” on the job every week.

When it comes to your business and the effects of substance abuse in the workplace, there’s a lot at stake, including your company’s productivity, profitability, and reputation. You need to be certain your drug-free workplace program will achieve its objectives. Our drug screening programs meet your need for certainty today with the flexibility to evolve as your requirements change, without compromise.

Let ProResults help you create a DRUG-FREE work environment.

Our team of collection specialist would love to help you accomplish this!

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