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ProResults Employee Drug Testing

Please fill out this form in full to have your Employee Tested.

Employee Information:

Employee has a Valid Photo ID?


Drug Testing Options, Choose ONE
Would you like to add Urine Alcohol Testing?
Do you have any special instructions or do yo need an alternate type of test?
Would you like to add a background check?
Are you testing more than on employee witht he SAME TEST?

Thank you for your submission!

Drug testing Hours:

Monday - Friday

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM*

* If you chose a SAME-DAY Results test please have the employee in our office before 3:00 PM.  If they arrive after 3:00 PM you will receive the results the following business day by 12:00 pm/noon.


If you have any questions please Call our office 512-374-9977


We appreciate you choosing ProResults.

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