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Clinical Trials
Now Accepting DIABETIC Only Participants

Please fill out the form below in completion to be considered for the clinical trial based on the requirements needed.

Clinical Trial Screening

We are currently looking for

Pre-Diabetic and Diabetic participants. 

Please complete the form to apply for the clinical trial.  We will contact you if you meet all of the requirements.  Please Share this Sign Up form with your Friends and family.

Participants will be compensated $75.00 for their time and travel.  

It is a Single, 1-Hour office visit.

Please contact our office for more details 512-374-9977

The purpose of this study is to assess the clinical performance of a new type of BGMS (Blood Glucose Monitoring System).  There is NO medication involved with this study.

Participants will perform self-testing following the manufacturer's instructions and fill out a short survey regarding the product's usability.  A medical professional will collect another sample from the participant for a comparator test that will be performed at a laboratory. 

Current Clinical Trial is accepting DIABETIC study Participants now! 

PR Home Test Photo_edited.jpg
Are you 18 + years?
Have previously Used a Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose (SMBG) meter before?
Are you able to Read & Understand English fluently?
Do you have a known bleeding disorder?
Are you afraid of needles or having your blood drawn?
Have you ever had a Syncopal episode (faint) during a blood draw?
Do you have abnormal hematocrit levels in your blood?
Do you have any other blood disorders or conditions?
Demographic Information: Race and Ethnicity (confidential and important for insuring representative clinical trial data) You can check more than one.
What days are you available? Check all that apply:
Choose time of day you are available:

Thanks for submitting!  We will be in touch with further information if you qualify for the clinical trial.This clinical trial is starting in September.

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